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My grandmother, Nanny Leah, and I shared a very special relationship. A small, round woman with white hair and blue eyes that twinkled with humour and life, she was my best friend, my ally, my heroine and my protector.  She would say; "Darling, you and I get on so well together because we have an enemy in common!" 
My Nanny Leah taught to me to cook, to knit and to embroider. While we worked together in the kitchen or sewed in the parlour, she told me tales of my father's childhood, my great grandparents' lives and her peccadilloes as a girl and a young woman. She took to me to visit her sisters - 'The Aunts'.  We would walk across Avenham Park, over the Tramway bridge and along the river bank to Penwortham for tea with her sisters, in the house that had been in the family for almost a century, the Mayor home.  There I learned my family history. No, I lived it.  The values, manners and traditions of our family came from those who had gone before.  
I know where my love of good food, good wine, good stories, fabric arts and animals comes from. I understand where my need to learn and to pass on what I have learnt originated. I know where I have come from, therefore, I know where I am going. The combined genes and experience of the Amblers, the Mayors and the Dawsons have made me the person I am.
This site is a look into my world as a woman, a writer and publisher, a cook, a quilter, and a lifelong learner.
Please come in, and if you find something to learn along the way, enjoy!

Chris Profile

Christine Sutton

Hello from Beachmere, in Queensland, Australia, I'm Chris. I'm retired, or as I put it re-wired, an author, editor and publisher, with a passion for Family History. I share my life with my partner, Paul, and our crazy Australian Labradoodle, NicNak Tiger Woods. I love to cook, quilt and I have a strong commitment to lifelong learning.
Welcome to my world!

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