Tootling Along

Christine Sutton -writer, editor and publisher

I believe in paying forward

Through hard work and study with great mentors and teachers, I’ve developed the skills and processes of editing and publishing in Australia. 

My journey into writing, learning and publishing received powerful support from many people and organisations. Whether they be editors, family members and friends or industry professionals, I was surrounded by people who are honest (sometimes brutally) in their feedback, and who held up a mirror to me and ask the right questions, rather than tell me what to do. Not all beginning writers and storytellers have these advantages. Most find it difficult to have their work accepted by publishers. Some don’t think their work is good enough for publication. 

I’m a great believer in sharing learning and putting it to work, not only for myself, but for those just starting out on the journey. So, to give back some of the support I received, I founded MC Sutton Publications, supporting and mentoring new writers in polishing and refining their work and taking it through the process of self-publication.

Through MC Sutton Publications I offer editing, proofing and publishing services, working with you to create a final product that is readable, engaging, error free. I then lay your book out and prepare it for printing. Once we have reached a final draft, I hand-hold you through the print-on-demand process to publish your book and set up a distribution chain. If you wish, you can sell the book through our MC Sutton Online Book Shop, with all sales profits returned to you, the author.

What does this cost? That depends on the amount of work involved in editing and laying out the book, and the size of the book.

If you bring the book to me already throughly spelling and grammar checked, and with any graphics already prepared for print, the cost will be far less than one you bring to me at second draft stage with a great deal of grammar editing and spelling correction needed and many graphics that need preparing for print.

For example, for an A5 book of 250 pages, spell checked and ready for editing, with graphics that need preparation for printing, the process would include;

  • Editing
  • Copyproofing
  • Preparation of graphics
  • Layout
  • Submission of final file to print-on-demand

and the approximate cost would be $700.

However, the same book with all spellcheck and copy proof tasks completed, and including provision of a separate file for each graphic, prepared for printing at 300 dpi and in CMYK colour mode, ready for editing and layout, would include the same services but would cost a maximum of $500.

There is no charge for mentoring you through the Print on Demand publication process, nor for selling the book through our online store. All profits from your book come to you. No royalties or fees other than credit card bank charges are deducted.

Helping you publish your work and sell your books is my way of paying forward the help I received, and continue to receive, throughout my storytelling journey.

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